How to apply

Please read carefully the instructions below.

Eligibility criteria

Any research laboratory in the Île-de-France region can apply. The DIM will only finance projects involving collaboration between two teams of which an academic partner is the leader and submits the project; another partner, academic or from the private sector, can participate in the project. The lead laboratory will be the project coordinator. A researcher can only participate in one project under this call, either as a leader or as a collaborator. Teams will have to present a candidate who passed a selection for one of Ile-de-France's doctoral schools.

In order to be eligible to the fellowship, the PhD candidate has to prove admission to a doctoral school located in Ile-de-France. It is not necessary that the candidate has already received the final results for the selection from the doctoral school at the date of this call's deadline (May 31st). However, he has to prove their admission by the date of publication of the results of this call (July 4th). A waiting list will be put in place; in case of refusal of the winning candidate by their doctoral school, the fellowship will automatically pass to the next lab in the waiting list.

Details of the fellowship

The call will finance four doctoral allowances of €130,000 over three years (gross salary charged), as well as an additional envelope of €5,000 of complementary costs for a total of €135,000 per allowance.

The costs involved constitute an envelope to be spent for the benefit of the doctoral student either in dissemination/conferences, or in training, or to recruit trainees.


Application process and selection

The application form, as well as the project presentation document, can be downloaded from the platform using the templates that you can find on the left of this page (under the Navigation menu > Templates to download). Please use only the downloadable templates (.docx files) to apply.

1. Online project submission (deadline May 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.). The main laboratory must submit the following documents:

  • Mandatory application form (includes general information, project summary), from the template available (do not modify the structure of the template). To be uploaded in the “Appendices” section. Accepted file type: .docx
  • Description of the project (according to the model available). File type accepted: .docx, .pdf
  • For the two principal researchers, CVs of 2 pages, highlighting the 5 most significant publications. To be uploaded in the “Appendices” section. Type of files accepted: .pdf
  • CV of the identified PhD candidate. To be uploaded in the “Appendices” section. File type accepted: .pdf

2. Evaluation :applications will be evaluated by experts from the DIM panel and proposed evaluators, based on the following criteria: (i) previous scientific achievements (20%), (ii) scientific quality of the project (60%), (iii) adequacy with DIM objectives (20%).

3. The final selection (July 4th 2023) will be done by the jury of this call and approved by the DIM's ComEx.

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